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BNB House Manual

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Your BNB House Manual is an important document. It allows you to speak to your guests with your own tone of voice, extending your BNB's brand personality how you want to express it. A great BNB House Manual answers questions before guests have though to ask it, and provides information that allows them to enjoy more, do more and maximise their experience during their stay in your BNB.

Our BNB House Manual comes in various designs and layouts. You control the content, allowing you to express your brand your way. You can easily add content and pages if you'd like to provide your guests with more information truly making your BNB House Manual customised for your BNB.

Here's how the service works and the BNB House Manual comes:

  1. Buy and order the BNB House Manual theme that you'd like to see in your BNB from The BNB Works website
  2. We will send you link to provide us with the information that you want included in your BNB House Manual
  3. Upload your copy and files that we request via the link that we send you so we can put together your BNB House Manual for you
  4. We'll get to work preparing your BNB House Manual. We will liaise with you and send you drafts allowing for 2 rounds of changes
  5. When it's done, we'll email it to you as a 300 DPI PDF file designed in and set at A4 size ready for you to print however you like, wherever you like on whatever stock you'd like. Print at home, take it to Officeworks or Kwik Copy - the choice is entirely yours


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