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Get More Heads In Beds

The number one goal for every accommodation business is to get more heads in beds, and so that's the goal for your BNB business too, right? The money making formula for your BNB is simple: the more beds you have, and the more nights each bed has a head on its pillow, the more money you make. At The BNB Works, we have the tools that your BNB needs to get more heads in beds so your BNB is more successful.

Website Design & Support

Having a website for your BNB gives you more opportunities to secure more bookings, and to get more heads in beds. With your own website, you don't have to rely purely on the STR platforms like Airbnb, Stayz or to get reservations. The BNB Works can build you a website where your BNB has total booking price control and flexibility, your guests can avoid the service fees charged by the STR platforms, and you can avoid their booking fees that reduce your margins.

Social Media Management

Through social media your BNB can reach millions of potential guests easily and quickly. The BNB Works knows how to make social media for BNB's work with engaging, punchy and effective communication that builds audiences, raises profiles and promotes BNB's to get more heads in beds. Making social media work for a business isn't for everyone, but our team are experts and know how to apply the latest industry trends and techniques to make your social media stand out and cut through.

Our social media management plans include running up to three platforms concurrently, with pricing options based on post frequency.


For any BNB business listed on a STR platform like Airbnb, Stayz or, their listing is critical and having your listing optimised to generate maximum bookings so that you can get more heads in beds is vitally important. 

The BNB Works team include experienced copy writers, well versed and highly successful in BNB listing, advertising, marketing, blogging and sales copywriting. Our writers also regularly publish articles on to an ever growing base of readers.

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