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Once we receive your order, we'll arrange for it to be shipped in 1-3 days. We want you to have it ASAP, so we'll work hard to ship it out as quickly as we can.


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We use a standard delivery service that will get your product to you in 13-20 days. We'll keep you posted on the progress so you know what's happening.


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We ask that you inspect your delivery of a physical product within 7 days of receipt and contact us if you see any problem with your order. For more details on our Returns Policy, please click here.


Can I customise the content of the Deluxe House Manual?

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Yes, you can customise the contents. We'll send you a link where you'll input the copy for each page and decide on the titles. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate changes to the number of pages, size or finish of the manual. 

Can I edit my BNB House Manual myself?

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As our service to you with the BNB House Manual, we use leading edge graphic design software to produce a fantastic product for you. Our templates are more than a Word document, and our team are trained to use great software applications to produce a quality result for you.

Why can't I make changes to the Deluxe House Manual design?

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The Deluxe House Manual has been designed to present in a specific way. Accordingly, we cannot accommodate changes to the design that would also change the price of printing and production.

Can you send me a PDF of the Deluxe House Manual?

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The Deluxe House Manual has a specific design and a specific look. Part of the service is that we oversee production and send you copies of the finished product, not a PDF.

Website Design

Can I check out a website that you've done for another BNB?

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Yes you can. Click on this link to view a website that we created for a BNB just like yours.

Do I need to have a domain name before I get a website designed?

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No you don't need to. It's OK if you do, that can be connected easily later. It's more important to know that a domain name which includes your BNB's name is available. You can buy it and connect it to your website when we have finished it for you.

Can I connect my BNB's domain name to my website?

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Yes you can. Once we've finished your website, published it and given you full access and control you can upgrade to a hosting plan from US$10 including GST per month that allows you to connect your domain to your website.

Can The BNB Works connect my domain name to my website?

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Yes we can. Simply buy our our Website Trouble Shooting service  and we can connect your domain for you.

How much will it cost for hosting my BNB's website?

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It depends on a few factors. There is a free hosting plan available, if you don't want to connect your own domain name and you're happy to have ads on your website. Otherwise, plans start from US$10 inc GST a month, or US$18 inc GST a month with the bookings, reservations and payments function.

Why does hosting cost more for the bookings, reservations and payments function?

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Hosting for the website platform that we recommend costs more as additional business features are used. It costs a little more for the hosting plans that include the bookings, reservations and payments function.

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