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The secret to getting 5 star reviews from every Airbnb guest

It's fair to say that Airbnb has made customer satisfaction a core pillar of it's platform and it lies at the centre ...

Can your BNB succeed by listing on Airbnb alone?

Have you ever been warned not to put all of your eggs in one basket? It's sage advice, and a saying that's been aroun...

The best way to become an Airbnb Superhost

Want to know the best way to become an Airbnb Superhost? The Superhost program is like the Premier League of Airbnb a...

34 amenities that go the extra mile and that your guests will love

Ever wondered what amenities get your guests' heart racing, that go the extra mile and earn you a huge response for? ...

The MUST HAVE essential amenities your BNB needs before you launch

What are the essential amenities that your BNB needs to have before it launches on Airbnb or Stayz? What are the basi...

7 reasons why your BNB needs its own website

Does your BNB have it's own website, or do you rely solely on your listings on short term rental (STR) portals like A...

20 ways to make your Airbnb listing stand out

For many people with a Short Term Rental (STR) property, their listing on Airbnb, or Stayz, or is their s...

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